Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snow, Rain, and falling leaves...‏

Monica Baer blog posting by her family from 11/18/13 email.

This week has been kind of crazy. We had an interesting time walking around in the snow storm. Yikes! I really don't like snow. Luckily I had a warm coat, tights, socks, boots, and sweater on.

November 11, 2013

Monday we helped out at the Food Pantry which is always really fun. It was a long, tiring, but good Preparation day.

November 12, 2013

Tuesday we had a COLD COLD day. Yes it was the HUGE snow storm. We met an older lady named Mina who is such a cutie and invited us to come over whenever and to come have icecream on Christmas with her. Then we visited Millie another older lady in "The Home" which is a elderly care center. We also met Melissa Norton who is the sweetest woman I've ever met, we are going to go see her a lot more. We had the most delicious "lime" enchiladas, I'll have to send home the recipe. Sister Evans is an amazing cook!

November 13, 2013

Wednesday we had District Meeting and I got a lot of questions answered. OH! And we met with our new investigator Jason. He is so prepared, he is excited about learning which is so great. Then we had our Fireside, and Harley came. We read a Talk from Conference and it was SOO good. I really learned a lot.

November 14, 2013

Thursday we saw Sister Crawford with Sister Nickerson. Sister Crawford had knee surgery so she is on the mend. The we had lunch with Sister Nickerson, she is such a sweetheart. We then had our lesson with Mike and Bonnie. We talked about the Holy Ghost and Bonnie bore sweet short beautiful testimony of it in her life. Then we saw Sister Wilmarth and played the Holy Ghost game. Finally we ended meeting with Jason, we were SHOCKED when he said he read the ENTIRE introduction and the testimonies of 3 and 8, and 1 Nephi 1. He told us he wanted to cry because he felt something when we read it.

November 16, 2013

Saturday we ended up helping Elder Pettet get stuff to take care of sick Elder Call. We then saw Jen's mom and chatted for about an hour. Then we had the SCARIEST spiritually terrifying experience of my life.

" We're walking to see Joseph and we see this lady and 2 boys walking toward us, and I get this nasty, creepy, unsafe feeling before they're even close.

They stop us and talk to us asking, "Does God talk to you? How does he talk to you? Would you like to have him talk to you in dreams?" She grabbed my arm and started praying that I would receive dreams, and her youngest boy is whispering under his breath.

The feeling got even worse. I was praying the entire time to get out of there and to feel safe. I just knew that what as going on was not from the Holy Ghost. And I was frozen with terror. My companion noticed that and got us out of there. I don't think I've ever felt such darkness before. I don't know why I felt like that or why my companion noticed my fear, but I know that we were protected and kept from danger today. I know that the Holy Ghost does not strike with fear.

Sunday we had Stake Conference and it was AMAZING!! the Lopez Family came! All of them! They drove 1 hour to come, and it was amazing.

It was so fun to see the Pulaski ward. I sure do miss them. And The Kerr Girls, Addy and Macy, and the Merrill Girls, Megan and Kim, where there and we were talking and Megan said, "look its like a little family reunion."

Then we came back and had lunch and I finished 2 Nephi and Jacob 1!! Then we did time and headed out to dinner at the Ferris House. It was so yummy, and it was so good to get to know them better. They are such sweethearts.

We find out Transfers this saturday so in a week I will let you know if I'm staying or going.

I've been studying the Atonement this week and it is amazing. I read President Uchtdorf's talk, "Point of Safe Return" It is a wonderful talk and I suggest you all read it. It brings comfort, peace, and hope. Well, I must be off. I love you all and hope you have a good week. Love you!!

Love always, Sister Baer

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